Tuesday, July 27, 2010



After watching show after runway and resort collections I've come to realise that fashion has become a little too serious. OK I get it! Its cool to keep the serious structured , nose in the air side of fashion. But it is so refreshing to see something light hearted, fun, and with a dash of sass and sex appeall. Before I read any reviews or interviews of the designer inspiration to a collection I try to detect it on my own. And for some reason I sensed a french women's was aura over this line. I don't know if its the French women in me that can spot such character...or maybe its the YSL, Miuccia Prada's DNA within this collection.
Come to find out Miuccia was inspired by the 1940's-1970's era of scandalous French women of that time. Which you can definitely see when looking over this entire collection of 14 naughty( in a good way) looks. I also love the photography of this resort line. The black and white background keeps your focus on each piece.Yet Not oh so serious candy colors along with tans and navy garments splashed with apple and sweet heart prints.
I would definitely give Miu Miu 2011 resort a top spot on one of the most memorable displays to date. Which is your favorite resort or runway show for 2011?

Monday, July 26, 2010



Hello my blog babies! Just stopping by to drop some photos I've been drooling over. These are my favorite looks from Louis Voitton 2011 runway show. All though many other shows have disappointed me this season I will say that Marc Jacobs never fails when it comes to this French line. I have totally been inspired these past couple of weeks. And I have a MAJOR project in the works since I haven't made anything recently.
Work has been kicking my ass!
And I have an out of state trip coming this following weekend. So soon enough I will have new pics of me and my where abouts. Till then I will be doing my usual runway reviews. I will try to keep all my reviews positive LOL. Plus I'm looking to changing my blog up sum bit. For those who know anything about renewing ones blog layout please keep me posted. I am still a lil' rusty on this lappy believe it or not.
Soooo if you guys are interested in seeing the entire Louis Voitton show just do a I did and check it out on Style.com...see you there!