Thursday, March 22, 2012


China here!
 Back in effect and here to show you my newest art purchase lol. Two days ago the boo and I drove 2 and a half hours to Jersey ( from ny of coarse) to meet for the first time this phenomenal nail technician. Lets just say this women is just flippin' amazing. I was blown as I watched her build each nail one by one. Yes ladies and gents this women is a nail architect! She does not use tips of any kind. Maaaaaan I was so blown with finishing results. To see her create this soft delicate baby pink rose with her itsy bitsy acrylic brush made me want to record and YouTube this hoe lol. But I truly cherish her work and get complimented every drake hand gesture I make. Although they are a tad bit longer then what I would usually wear its pretty easy to handle. I just have to be very careful tugging on my leggings for I have pocked holes in just about all my tanks.Poor tanks :-(
yet excellent nails. LOVE THEM!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

In the Grey

Yeh still miss my bang #wipes eyes

If my blog bunnies pay attention to simple details as I do you will notice I have a serious fascination with the color GREY. I believe it all started with a grey pair of Aldo wedges I bought over 2yrs ago... or maybe the 1st grey jacket I ever made ( peep the side bar for my many past creations). Or maybe its the mysterious feel this color gives me when I put it on. Which can be one of my dozens of reasons I love it so. I had worn every shade of grey you can  possibly imagine. And this is probably the one color besides black I have continued to be insanely addicted to. I have no idea what's going on in the fashion side of my brain but I noticed that alot of my friends and people in general have cosigned this beautiful color. Like black it pretty much goes with  EVERYTHING. And I plan to display a few selections in various outfits on how grey can be a must OWN color in your closet.
 Any who
These pics were taken by the boo at my bank a few days ago. Its been exceptionally warm in NYC. So I have had the luxury of wearing lighter clothing but keeping it slightly winter mood.
I also named this post under one of my favorite Blogs ( in the grey is a dope movie as well)!! so go check out both the movie and this blog Trust me you"ll thank me later...
 No really u better thank me later lol.
Hope you likey blog babies <3
Enjoy the rest of your week , and keep it sweet
#deuce and deuce


 Hello my sexy Blog Babies!!

 Don't mind the madagascar Band-aid on the boob lol, long story

       So as you can see #ILOVEMYBANG
The thing is two weeks of me rocking 
this style and I'm already DYING for a new style. Yet as soon as I depart from my beloved BANG I sit back and rummage through my billions of photos that remind me how effortless and super dope this looks on me (IMO of coarse). My next post will show my current style that I also did myself. And although  love the invisible part as well sometimes its soo effing hard for me to stick to one particular hair style. I guess you can say my "signature" look is varies. And you know what?
I'm totally cool with that!!