Tuesday, March 20, 2012

In the Grey

Yeh still miss my bang #wipes eyes

If my blog bunnies pay attention to simple details as I do you will notice I have a serious fascination with the color GREY. I believe it all started with a grey pair of Aldo wedges I bought over 2yrs ago... or maybe the 1st grey jacket I ever made ( peep the side bar for my many past creations). Or maybe its the mysterious feel this color gives me when I put it on. Which can be one of my dozens of reasons I love it so. I had worn every shade of grey you can  possibly imagine. And this is probably the one color besides black I have continued to be insanely addicted to. I have no idea what's going on in the fashion side of my brain but I noticed that alot of my friends and people in general have cosigned this beautiful color. Like black it pretty much goes with  EVERYTHING. And I plan to display a few selections in various outfits on how grey can be a must OWN color in your closet.
 Any who
These pics were taken by the boo at my bank a few days ago. Its been exceptionally warm in NYC. So I have had the luxury of wearing lighter clothing but keeping it slightly winter mood.
I also named this post under one of my favorite Blogs ( in the grey is a dope movie as well)!! so go check out both the movie and this blog Greytheblog.blogspot.com. Trust me you"ll thank me later...
 No really u better thank me later lol.
Hope you likey blog babies <3
Enjoy the rest of your week , and keep it sweet
#deuce and deuce

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