Monday, January 30, 2012

Bomb Bday Blast

 Good times
I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. Well haven't had a great bday in many years. So this year my big sister set us up to go to my favorite french restaurant in the city. It was an amazing time that I will never forget. We also stopped by Friday's for a few midnight drinks then headed to a club called Iguana's which i have never heard of or been to. It was a helluva night! So i wanted to share of of the photos i received from friends that was captured sum of the silly moments. I hope i can show more of the nights escapades in a future post. My homegirl pictured here tried to dance battle my big sis which was insanely hilarious!! Great job P! Anyway hope u like the pics guys and hope every1 had a wonderful weekend as I did.
Happy Monday blog bunnies

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


 So as u guys can see my hair do's went through many changes since I last did a REAL post on my blog. The funny thing is I noticed alot of my fav bloggers I haven't seen in a long time also went through alot of changes themselves. Whether it was a new hair color or clothing style. I love how much everyone has grown and matured in there own way.
 As for those who don't know me and my old blogging style please note that I was a faithful weave ponytail girl a few years back. It kinda stuck with me after high school  and many years after I left lol! Also due to my gym schedule since it was the easiest style I could attain at the time. And besides I had no real knowledge about hair units and styling.  
 So I learned and taught myself the do's and don'ts of how I can maintain a weave style. And also learned how to truly take care of my own natural hair stresses. Currently my entire head is completely natural. Believe it or not  my blog bunnies I have a straight "black panther" Afro braided tightly underneath all these hair units u see here.
 I have been blessed with discovering a new talent about myself and now I even do hair for friends and clients! It doesn't hurt that I make a lil cash on the side from this new small side occupation as well hehe ;-) <3 
 So which one do u prefer? I know this style here has to be one of my top favs. This is 19 inches long after a good razor trim down. I even learned how to cut, style , curl! IDK where I get it , but I thank God for teaching me something new about myself. Just as the time I discovered how to make garments. who knows what else lurks within me.
There u have it just a quick preview on one of the subjects I will touching on in the new year of my new improved blog. And I promise not to let you blog babies down again ( unless its earth shattering -God forbid!). If you have any questions feel free to contact me here through the comment section. And I will and always have responded to my BB's questions. Till then have a wonderful week, keep it sweet

Monday, January 9, 2012

Well HElloooo

Hello my sexy blog babies how I missed the..
So I  have said numerous times that I was going to work on revamping my blog. Yet never getting to do so due to my ridiculous schedule. Yes I am still working nights and I am well adjusted to it by now. Yet I wake up early afternoon which leaves me little to no time to take care of all my obligations.
Especially my precious blog *tears*
I haven't even been keeping up with the fellow bloggers I loved reading daily but all of that will change starting NOW!
So for those who don't know me and those who wanna catch up to what I've been up to pls stay tuned its gonna be a trip, that's a promise.
 I love you guys have a great week
see u soon!