Sunday, July 22, 2012

My last words

Hello to all my blog babies!!
I have some GOOD NEWS and some very BAD NEWS, which one would u like to read first? well it doesn't matter cuz I'm telling you the bad news first anyway. If you haven't guessed it by now due to my very sad post title. I am sad to inform u all I will be ending this blog. I have been doing this i believe 3 year thus far. And although this blog holds a dear spot in my heart I don't see this blog progressing to my liking. So as much effort I put into this blog it does sadden me to see where stands now 3 years in. But it's cool I will miss the very few ppl that have showed me love and accepted me into this blog world.I always appreciated the few comments I get. No shade just being real. It is what it is but I feel I have to say good bye.

Now the GOOD news is I do plan on starting a fresh. Meaning started a whole new fashion type blog. I will be moving next month and I will have more time to dedicate my time and vision for my new blog. When do u say? I have no freaking idea. I just have to figure things out. BUT since this is my very last post u would have to follow me on twitter for any updates or Facebook. So with that said sending much love to every1.
Take Care

Thursday, July 5, 2012


Hope every1 enjoyed there 4th. I know I had a BALL
outfit post coming soon!