Saturday, July 11, 2009

yesss i truly love it b/c it just reminds me that hair doesn't make or break me lol! As i grow older i realise that i get attached to so many things t

HEY whats going on blog world i know i haven't posted jack in a while but believe it or not i sort of forgot my password to my own web page and this blog spot gives you the meanest run around just to retrieve it,smh....

But I'm back and happy to say i have allot of new projects in action right now. And ME MISS MADONYA CUT HER HAIR!!! YUP I SURE DID.....(evil laugh)

On another note i officially launched my line on eBay under "THE L JET COLLECTION" named after my beautiful nieces and nephews, Lauren,Jaden,Euneek,and Tyler. Its a collection of vintage finds and sum new items and accessories. I carry different brands from VINTAGE ESCADA TO LORD AND TAYLOR silk dresses. And most importantly I am super affordable for any budget.That was my main focus with this collection. Here are one of my fav items on sale for next week or so...

This is a wool vintage Bloomingdale evening dress that I truly adore at the moment. I would keep it for myself but its for the the eBay store so all i can do is hold on to the memory of trying this on and almost making love to it as soon as it touched my skin....The necklace is vintage too and will be on sale soon as well. Oh yes my collection can be found on eBay. If you want to know any specifics a/b vintage blazers and dresses i am currently selling just contact me here i answer all my mail...all of it! Or you can go to my myspace or facebook page where you can see me posing in these beautiful vintage items, not all but sum. The pic up top I am wearing a vintage Basement turquoise boyfriend cut blazer,I sold a yellow one just like it last week. That one is sooo effing dope! I will show case more pics of other items very soon.. Till then I will catch ya later its getting late I have to wake up early to get my hair done. It being short doesn't mean I don't have to maintain it. I'll be sure to post some pics of that. ok nitenite ,easy!

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