Monday, May 10, 2010


IT HAS BEEN SOOO LONG!! I MISS EACH AND EVERY LOYAL BLOG BUNNY DEARLY! EVEN THOSE THAT CHECK ON ME WHEN THEY CAN. How has everyone been doing? As some of you know I have been working nights and its taken a whole different turn in my life. I sleep during the day and work from 9pm -4am. My blog has always been in the back of my mind ALOT and I was missing checking in on the blogs I used to check regularly. But my sleep is very important to me and if I don't get a sufficient amount I can never be as alert nor energized at night. Which is not an option in a hyper hiphop night club.
So since I started this new job I haven't taken any new pics till today. I wanted to show you guys the few lil' new things I have purchased during these past weeks. I wouldn't call this a haul but call it what you want..I say "Petite Purchases". lol. First off I went to the city on one of my days off and purchased this grey faux leather jacket. Its super fitted and has a cool structure in the shoulder area. See in New York it's very easy to walk into a person with a very similar black leather jacket that you are wearing or own. Even guys rock women leather jackets for a certain fit ( yeh even skinny jeans smh). So this time I decided to go for a color I will less likely see others rock every other day. And as some of you can see from my past post I love me some grey!

I also purchased these leggings in the city in the random store me and my sister stay visiting when we are in the area. I know this particular trend might be fading for some but that's exactly why you see me rocking them now. Now that there isn't a sea of chicks walking down the street with leggings on I feel more proud to wear these babies.They are light weight yet holds me in all the right places. And I looove the mesh cut outs on the side. I love my legs so showing a lil peep can't hurt right?

These sexy bitches were bought in Queens New York my city :-)
They are by Doll House
and out of my entire shoe collection they are the most comfortable shoes I own! I sooo swear to you guys! since at my job we are not allowed to wear sneakers or flats. I went on a shoe hunt...And when I entered this shoe store they were the first pair to call my name.
china: what? talking to me?
heels: yes bitch ..I know you been looking for a killer pair of heels to wear to work, well here I am!
china: oh boy, I mean you look amazing don't get me wrong but you don't look that comfy and I'm on my feet all night.
heels: Look trick TRY ME! I promise you you'll want me by the time you put your foot inside of me.
china: *sigh* ooohhhkaaayy but I can't make no promises , they might not have my size plus you look a lil'pricey.
heels: LOL!!!! bitch I am the last pair and I AM YOUR SIZE!
oh yeh I'm only $35 even

So yes I bought these heels without any regret and I've been back to that store and these were truly the last pair can ya believe this? Talk about meant to be...WOOOHOOOO!!!!

This is my go to bag when I go to work. I don't have the cash for a speedy 30 which I want dearly. But this holds 3 pairs of shoes , 3 change of outfits and whatever else I may need for the night. And I love the sleekness and shine of this bag. Flows naturally with my new leggings and Doll House Shoes.

And I've also been experimenting with new makeup looks. Since people tend to be all in my face at night time lol.

In this look I used a metallic royal blue liner for the inner corners of my eyes and continued with a solid black liner. I used blue, yellow, pink, and burgundy shadows for the outer corners. I also used those colors on the lower lash line.

Then I put my foundation and bronzer and charcoal black mascara on my lashes. No fake lashes with this look. I rarely wear fake lashes. But you can try this look how ever you like. on the lips I have on KISS lipstick the color is 'tea rose'. What I like about this color is that I can put very lil or alot and it doesn't look too powerful on my face.
In these photos I put alot so the color can be more visible.

Oh and here is a wedge I just purchased before the Doll House heels. Can't wait to show ya the looks I put together with these lovelies! Super comfy as well!

I also got the denim vest at the local store in my area.
hey would you let this pass if you can get it for $2.00?
I didn't think so lol!

And lastly These are sum of my go to products I've been addicted to lately.
Far left is my SKA cara facial products I wash and moisturize my face with after taking off my makeup. It keeps my skin soo soft, its awesome. Next is the wet & wild light pink shimmer. Its dope as a shadow and even a light blush. Next is American Idol cream blush sticks. It has 2 different colored blushes on each end and the color looks as though I have sun kissed cheeks, so cute. Next is my nude color American Idol lip and brow pencil. I use this around my lips to give my lipstick a cleaner line. Easy to blend with finger or concealer brush. Then for my lips its the tea rose color lipstick from KISS. Looks gorgeous matte or glossed. And for my go to gloss it would be Jordana Lip jellies. Although I hate fruity smelling( or tasting) lip gloss I love the light lip stain it gives my lips.

SO here are my killer bargain finds
Doll House heels : $35 even ( on sale last pair)
Black strapped wedges by Blue Asphalt: $7.00
Pleather leggings: $7.00
Grey faux leather jacket:$30 even
Kiss lipstick: $1.99
Denim vest by Personal Identity: $1.99 ( on sale)
All other make up purchases were $1 a pop.
There you have it Blog Babies! Some of the few things I've gotten since I've been gone. But as soon as I get into the habit of this new night life I will make it my business to post ALOT MORE! I want to thank every1 who has congratulated me on my new found job! I appreciate every kind comment! And Yes much more to come. Please stay tuned
Till we meet again blog bunnies MUAH***
p.s. Please excuse my nappy hair I washed it a few hours b4 these photos were taken. And I'm in serious need of a relaxer. But that won't come till june :-(...oh well till next time!


FaithLeah said...

looking fierce as always:)



kimmydadiva said...

Ms. China u r too fierce and I friggin love and want your shoes... yes yes!! Animal prints= luv to me and those are some hot heels. Makeup is too pretty, I didn't know Kiss made lipstick gotta check that out. Pink lips are so in this season.


HHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA MRS. DIVA IN THE BUILDING!! thank youu soo much girl that is a major compliment coming from a guru like you.I appreciate all ur kind comments. And your blog is the SHIT!

S-hair said...

Those heels are on point!!! Sexy as ever. Loving the jacket :)


hey girl! @s-hair thank you sweety. I love them too! and the price is even better lol.

Makeup by Kim Porter said...

Love the tights & shoes. the lipstick is very pretty as well