Saturday, April 24, 2010


Hey BloG HeaDS!
I have got some good and semi bad news....
Since you care I'll give you the good news first.
I have been looking for a part time job for quiet some time and I FINALLY found 1! Since I don't really get too detailed about my personal life( on my blog) just know that I will be working nights once again.
The bad news is I won't be able to post as I used to. I'm working in a hiphop night club from 9pm-4am!
Which means I will be sleeping during the day as I did last year :-(
I worked as a hostess and coat checker in a manhattan club 2008-2009 which was the same crazy hours. It's been a long while since I stayed up those hours but I think I can manage. Although working the club life is not a career I want to pursue, I do want to make extra cash so I can further invest into ShopmyMadonya Webshop and all my clothing projects. Selling on ebay and blogspot isn't the fastest money maker at times, but since I found this side job hopefully things can come full circle for me. I will keep you posted with my journey in this new place I will be working in as well as the few projects I will be working on. Ask anyone that works a night shift nows how aggitated one can feel in the AM. Especially working long hours on your feet....
But I'm gonna drink my gangsta juice and hange tuff for these next few months.
Hope you guys have an excellent weekend...
as for me Back to sleep I have a looong night ahead!
Luv you Blog Bunnies!


Anonymous said...

Hope you will find time to post though.
Congratulations to your new job!

apparellel said...

first: congratulations on the job!

second: i totally know how working nights can feel. horrible at times, and i could not work a job where i had to be on my feet all day, so more power to you. i feel like a lot of people i know are going through some hard times (especially financially) lately, including me. and i also feel that this job is good because it is movement and another door will open for you soon, it has to.

thanks for your sweet comment. i really am not a good seamstress. as you know, all i had to do was sew a u in the bottom of the tank top. hahaha. so easy. but thanks i do appreciate it. hope you are enjoying your weekend and get some rest while you can!


S-hair said...

Glad you found a when you can. I'll be checking :)

apparellel said...

i know i am hopelessly so white and ridiculous. holla! hahha.


Wrecked Stellar said...

Congratulations on the new job!!

akaCola said...

congrats on getting your job! i hope that everything works out for you so you can bring us some more hot designs girl!! widh you the best!