Monday, April 19, 2010


Hope everyone is having a good week so far. As I told you I had a few project to finish up during the time I didn't have my lappy AKA laptop. And what you are about to see below is my two creations I tackled during those 2 weeks plus. I have been soo inspired by certain fabrics I knew i was eventually go back to one of my favorite prints.
Although some people tend to stray away from strips I always been attracted it in some ways.
So when I got my hand on the two different colored stripped fabrics I went a lil' nutts. So follow me ( not in a lame twitter fashion lol) and let me explain what these designs actually are...

Alrighty! This here is a two piece set. A nautical inspired fitted top with flared waist. And below I have on a high waisted tight mini skirt. The fabric is stretch so no zipper closer here. I had no idea where I was going with this design but once I made the top I new exactly what I wanted the Entire design to be.
If you sense an old school vibe here your right on target, that is what I wanted to accomplish. You see as I learn more about sewing I see so many different techniques I didn't even know I could do. But one thing for sure if a trait such as sewing can be passed down from one generation to another then you bet your ass that trait has definitely been passed on to me. And BELIEVE ME I am soo proud and humbled by every thing I learn everyday...
Oh I plan to put this outfit on my skinny bitch ( my mannequin lol) so you guys can see closer details of this entire outfit....
My lovely Hot Pink Nautical stripped skirted mini Dress.
What I love about this dress is if it wasn't for the shortness of it and the peep of my outrageous cleavage some would think this dress is for a lil girl LOL! But With my crazy designs brewing in my brain I envisioned a SUPER GIRLIE dress that has a dash of sexy chic appeal. And looking at this dress from a different perspective you would think this dress was pretty easy to make but trust me .....HELL NAH IT WAS NOT! I really had a struggle with the making of this dress. And I though I was getting ahead of myself with this design I had no training in making. But honestly after waiting for my lappy for soo damn long I had no choice but to occupy my time on focusing on this design. I don't watch much tv for a person who works from home. And fashion is my my go to when I'm bored, sad, uninspired, happy, cranky, horny, excited.... yeah I know I'm crazy LOL!
But If my future self would have approached me a few months back and told me that I was going to pick sewing and creating designs I would've said....GETTHEFUCKOUTTAHERE!!!!!!!!!
God works in many ways....

So here it is my latest two designs. I Hope you guys like....I mean I had some of you waiting for a minute. And I kept getting hit in the head with these curve balls. But I managed to take these pics for ya so I can finally display what I been keeping under wraps.
One thing I'm still not used to is being called a 'designer'. Although I am designing and creating a few garments I feel I have to get a few more years of this under my belt. My mother has been a seamstress for over 30 years of her life. She has perfected her craft so well that she can pretty much sew with her eyes closed. I just never knew all my younger days going to her job and watching her sew piece after piece would actually stick with me. How can this even be when I never actually did this before?
I still question it sometimes but I am humbled by every lovely gracious compliment , half ass thumbs up, and every hater comment that is said under ones breathe.
Like my girl Kelis says
'You don't have to like me, but you will respect me'
So with that said I'm signing out, It has been a CRAZY long day...
It's pushing midnight so time to get in the shower and catch some z's. Enjoy the rest of your week Blog babies...SEE YOU NEXT TIME


FaithLeah said...

OMG, I love your creations, they are soo cute, and I love love love the shoes in the blue outfit, where did you get those??? I love the bright lip as well, can't wait to see another one of your creations:)


AWWWW My lovely FaithLeah How r u? Thank you soo much for dropping ur lovely comment! I'm still brainstorming on my next design. You know I'll keep you posted for sure..

rayqueenbee said...

I so loving these... your super talented. Definitely feeling these nautical stripes for the season. Btw loving your lip color.


AWWWW thank you Miss makeup GURU! I am so thankful for your compliment. I appreciate it so much..come back soon!

apparellel said...

i am so digging on both of your creations. you are so ultra talented!! i am horrible with sewing and can appreciate the art so much, and you definitely have mad skills. you got your mothers genes! oh, and i love the stripes!



oh wow u brung a tear to my eye that is a very touching compliment T! I don't even know how to take that but thank you from the bottom of my heart..You sew very well I seen your video, u just don't think your that good BUT U ARE! Love all of you guys blogs thats whats bugging me out,thank you all MUAH!

S-hair said...

I am seriously digging the pink number...yummo!


@ S-HAIR YEH fly mama! Thank you girl I love it soo much too! I felt my past designs were getting too serious I wanted to show the fun girlie side of me..

akaCola said...

Oh my goodness!! love it! you better work girl! and these are your designs?! oh too lovely :) we want both!!


@AKACOLA Thank you so much sweet heart. I'm getting my practice in on making clothes so when the time comes I won't hassitate to make an outfit for sum one who wants my services..Thank you all!