Sunday, April 18, 2010


CHANEL 2010 FALL ready to wear collection

You can almost never go wrong with Karl Lagerfeld. His creative thoughts and mind of design can be seen as complicated as a scientist mixers concoction's. When I think I seen it all with this CHANEL FALL 2010 ready to wear collection Karl himself seems to reach out through my lappy screen and SLAPS THE FIRE out of me. Yet he keeps that same stern serious face and all the while giving me unsuspected chills...literally down my spine.
When I first saw this show it seems people where more blown by the Scandinavian ice bergs placed as the center piece of the show. For those of us not having the luxury of being there I guess you can say we are lucky to be able to put all our focus on all 77 beautifully crafted Chanel pieces. I am still not a fan of fake fur but Karl can pretty much turn anything UN trendy into something unbelievably classic.And when Karl gave a statement to where he found inspiration for this particular show he stated that he dreamt of this collection. And after looking at every detail of this show I truly believe that only a majestic dream can be the blue print for such an incredible show. This Artic image was not only in the background but also embellished in every garment and super sick accessories. From the 'Frozen" like infamous Chanel quilted purse to the faux hair 'Ice Block' heels the show actually had ( slightly ;-) me excited to see these on market next fall. What I truly love the most is the white snow bunny gowns that ( to me) looks made out of soft sculpted snow.
Well these are some of my favorite images courtesy of
Go check out the entire show, it will not disappoint for sure.
enjoy! MUAH****


apparellel said...

karl is such a fucking genius. i seriously think he can do no wrong. wow!


The Man from Amsterdam said...

He is a legend.