Saturday, February 25, 2012


 My Trip to Vaginia Beach last year wasn't ......

 what I expected of my Trip :-(

 But I tried my best to enjoy my week stay out there
 And my nails was the greatest memory out there !
 Why you ask?
Well that was the only time i had no tears in my eyes through out the entire trip. And this lady hooked my UV tips UP!
Which I'm hoping to get on my up coming trip to VA again this Monday. I'm almost certain that my trip will be alot better then last. This time me and the boo will be out there for 4-5 days instead. And I hope VA is up on stiletto nails this year because they were clueless last time i visited. I'm gonna try and bring back some nick knacks for the nieces and nephews when i get back. And I'm a lil confused on whether I should stick with my bang hair style or my immaculate invisible part which is more practical. Well hopefully I'll figure it out by tomorrow since Monday the go date. Any who I plan to take happier photos which actually includes my face in them this time on around. And to just enjoy this trip as a whole.
Wish me luck guys!
Hope you guys are enjoying your weekend so far I know I'm not but that's cool, better days ahead.
Take care blog bunnies MUAH!

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Michael Tornato said...

Looks and sounds like you had a GREAT time! You have a lovely blog. Thank you for your comment. I really appreciate it!

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