Thursday, February 16, 2012

Brighten the night

 Decided to do all black with a pop of orange for my lips

China here to keep you guys updated with me and my where abouts. For one work is kicking my ass which is making it damn near impossible for me to care for my blog as I would like to. But fuck it cuz at this point I'm not gonna walk away from one of the many hobbies I love which of coarse is  Fashion blogging!!!
 I took these pictures a few nights back before heading out to eat with a friend. Since this LOSER friend( yeh u know who you are) took so damn long I decided to snap sum pics of my makeup and outfit of the evening, Nothing special here but I do love my make up I created on a whim. and these lashes are freaking feirce! I was considering doing a hual for you guys but I decided just to show case my gifted or purchased items on the day I wear them instead. I wish I wouldve gotten a pic of my coat and scarf so you can see how I layered ever so lovely lol. But I got you bunnies another time. Till next time my loves and I will try my best for better pictures. These were so last minute. Hope you likey!
Have a great week

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TinaDiva said...

Love the shoes girly