Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I've thought long and hard about it and I will be selling these vintage leather shorts in my Blog Shop. I have been blessed to only wear them once but I realised they belong in a home where they can be cherished and cared for. I have ignored these babies due to my denim addiction. I iz so sorry......
I've been annoyed with my purse arrangement on my walls so I've been brainstorming on how I want to lay them out.

So this is how they are looking like at the moment. I'll be sure to let you guys see the finishing look when I'm done.

Oh I also come to an agreement with my inner bitch and we have decided to sell this beautiful vintage leather skirt in my Blog Shop as well. I just don't think it needs to stay with me being I most likely won't wear it. I love wearing denim of all sorts. So even if I regret it in the long run at least I know they will be in better hands. I will have booth vint leather short and skirt up later on today on SHOPMYMADONYA.BLOGSPOT.COM..And yes all my apparel is super affordable!

I told you guys I went shopping the other day with my sister. I certainly bought a few things. On a makeup note I purchased these sexy lil' eye shadows ( much more then I photoed). This beauty supply in Queens New york where having a small sell and all the shadows no matter the brand where all $1 a pop. I even got these silver lashes for $1. I don't wear fake lashes unless I'm in a important shoot or at a serious event.My natural lashes are pretty long and curly. But I thought they were so different I had to show you guys what they looked like on my face. I am wearing them in the pic below, playing messing around in my room.

And yes I still drink Juicy Juice LOL!!

Ok I know I've been MIA for a lil 'bit but let me be honest with you guys. I was definitely considering ending my blog and creating a new private one that one can only join when sent an invite. The reason for that is although I truly love my( true & loyal) blog babies I have a feeling some just follow me so I can follow them. And not only does this piss me off it makes me feel I'm in a childish game of follow the leader. Like WTF is going on? What happen to following a blog just because you actually liked it? Not because you see 100000plus followers and you want to ride the wave. And I don't know if it's just me but some well known bloggers have truly been feeling themselves. What mean by that is I think some bloggers think they are some kinda blog celeb in their own peanut mind. So they don't have to reach out and thank their followers. They don't have to respond to their followers lovely comments.
It's a shame and I couldn't care less if i had a million followers tomorrow I will always be the same China. I will always reach out to those that reach out to me. I will always respond to my comments no matter how many I receive. I am an average person just like everyone else. I think alot of blog head lost touch with themselves. But hey ... to each is own.
So I've got ALOT to share with you guys and I don't like to talk about shit till the deal is through. But just know BIG things is in effect for me. I'm just taking it all in.
I just want to THANK ALL THE PEOPLE THAT COMMENT! I probably would've shut this blog down alooooong time ago if it wasn't for ya. I really do love each and every1 of you guys. And ya are not fans nor followers to me. You Blog Babies are my family. So I hope you guys enjoy your week! TTYL

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S-hair said...

thanks girl! ur a great support to me too :) I'm excited for u. Don't forget us fashionista wannabe's when u blow up haha