Friday, March 12, 2010


I'm here with a lil' something new to my blog. I decided to focus and share my knowledge on the many things I've learned. For those of you who are new HERE I've been a sales girl ever since I could work. I also been customizing and tailoring ALL my jeans since I was 14. I know many of us ladies have jeans that you loved at one point but NOW fits just WRONG. My sales girl experience lets me know for sure that 5 out of 10 women purchase jeans that they are 'told' look great on them. The only person you can trust with that answer is a HONEST friend( or family) or the person in your mirror reflection..YOU!
You have to trust yourself here. Asking a sales girl for help will NOT help you! They are only doing there jobs people, no matter how sincere they may appear. TRUST ME , I KNOW.
So these jeans are a pair of G-UNIT lady jeans I purchased 4 years ago. I was much "THICKER" when I got them and the feel and quality of the jeans was insane.....
at the time, smh
Skinny jeans weren't too popular 4 years back BUT I like my jeans straight leg or slim leg. So I took them in. And they looked awesome on me when I had that extra 20 pounds on my ass and hips LOL. So I try these bitches on the other day( my 1st time in 2 years). And they look like SHIT CAKES. Like WTF IS THIS SHIT!? They may not look to loose in these photos but I can tell you this...I can take them off with out un buttoning or un zipping them. Yes I can throw them on like a pair of sweat pants....NOT COOL.

And for those of you who might be lil 'confused and think, "those jeans fit nice on her, she should leave them that way".Well all I can say is thank you, but this is pretty disgusting to me. This fit won't go with my sneakers or heels! My sister was rocking this cut of jeans when she had a Jerry curl. Yes ...early 90's...SO NOT COOL..
No not me lol, the jeans silly!
I would say 90% of my 100 plus jeans are skinny fit.
This is just my personal style. When I first started rocking skinny jeans my sisters constantly made fun of me. They thought I just didn't know how to sew properly. Little do they know I wanted them tight as Hell! All the way down to the ankle. I just love the look of a cigarette cut or skinny leg fitted jeans. So if you have a pair of jeans you know you can possibly save before throwing away, get them taken in by your local seamstress. Or become your own seamstress like Moi!
Now if you have no sewing machine you can always sew this by hand. I have done this when I had no access to my moms machine.It's alot harder to do but if you have the patience I say go for it. Here I took in the 'inner seam' as well as the 'outer seam' where my hips are. I usually ONLY take in on the 'inner seam' but these jeans where REALLY loose. But you really just need to take in the inner seam to make them skinny. Up here in this photo I did not cut the extra inseam fabric so I can show you guys what it will look like if you don't. If you do not want to cut any inseam fabric for that 'just in case" weight gain just tuck in and pin the bottom ( by ankle) so that extra fabric won't poke out.

So if you have a pair of jeans you already like the fit of take that pair and bring the pair you want to change to a seamstress or tailor what ever you may have by you. You can have a new wardrobe if people took the time to fix the many garments they already have and giving them a brand new fit. I have many girls approach me in the street and tell me they have the same jeans as I but their fit looks nothing like mine. What they don't know is we do have they same pair but I tailored them to my shape. Personalise your closet Blog Heads!
Ever had a top that you felt would look cool because of its loose fit ? But after you purchase it take it home and try to style it with other clothing of yours you realise "Damn I should've went for a more fitted look". Well that's exactly what I thought buying this Roxy shirt over at Marshall's 2 years back. The thing about this shirt is I bought it loose because I was 20 pounds heavier. So showing off my Large chest and stomach was a no no! At the weight I am now the shirt fits horribly! I know the way I'm posed in these pics may make the top look better lol. But believe you me, this top WAS the worst and taking up space....SO

As a thick female I don't need extra sag in the front of or the back of my shirt. So try the shirt in front of the mirror and see where you need to make small adjustments. I noticed that it was too long for my taste ( its a T-shirt not a damn dress). And needs to be taking in especially around the bust area.

Although some of you might prefer loose tops just keep in mind I love them too. Yet a majority of my loose tops are solid colors. And this semi load print screams to be taken in on each side. Once again if you do not have a sewing machine you can go to your locale seamstress or tuff it out and purchase some needle and thread. Yes it will take more time to complete but I personally don't like to waste clothing. And if its a decent item I know can be saved it's worth the try.

Sew each side by taking in the seam a lil closer. You DO NOT want to go in too far or this shirt will no longer fit. It's best to use a pencil or crayon and line out your figure so you know what line to follow and sew. Once you sewed booth sides try on the top to see the fit. If the top is fitted to your liking take the shirt off and lay on flat surface. Then take a scissor and cut off the access fabric off the sides. Try to leave a half inch of fabric on booth sides this is "the just in case" you gain weight in the future and want to take out the sides again.Taking off that extra fabric will give your top an even better fit and feel.

With the extra 'side' fabric gone you will see no bulk underneath your arms and down your sides. Keeping it clean and smooth. Sorry for the gut guys I'm SUPER BLOATED today LOL!
That's my take on a well fitted top.
Such a small fix, BIG difference in fit and feel. It still has enough length to rock with some dark leggings but short enough to not fully cover the back pockets of my jeans. I have it really pulled down in these pics because I didn't want to show off my crotch Lol! You can also see a much better fit around the bust.
If you have invested alot of money into your wardrobe please take the time to find a good seamstress. I own over 100 plus denim jeans because I buy quality , classic jeans I know I will wear for many years to come. Whether I am 20 pounds chunkier or just want to change the fit of them buying a good quality jeans can bare getting taken in or out in time. Cheap trendy jeans can only last but so long , especially in the inner thigh part...Ya know what I'm talking about ladies!
Soooo much more sewing to take care of. Have a wonderful weekend Blog Babies!


VICTORIA said...

thank you china!
ill try to do this later-
hope ill look half as good as you :)


AWWWW Thank you victoria! If you have any questions on how to achieve this you can contact me any time here. Thank you for dropping ur lovely comment!

S-hair said...

WOW, you really made a difference! You have really inspired me to learn to sew. My mom can really well and I told her she needs to teach me. Those jeans look hottt on you :)