Sunday, April 8, 2012


 Hey blog babies I am back and here to share a new site I discovered.
Lets get started with my new year first post of the G.T.H.I>
GOTS TO HAVE IT affordable addition
 luv the coral colored pointed heel

 So cute!
 Been looking for a nice mesh neon loose tank
This dope wedge sneakers are by L.A.M.B 

 These are so affordable and sooo chic for the spring and summer

 My sick obsession with the color grey lol

Although I already have this exact Jessica Simpson heels in snake and purple suede I would love to have these grey babies.I think I seen these in Marshall's around my way but skipped out on them. I just hate having two of  the same shoes in different colors. I rather go for an entirely different shoe...but that's just me *shrug*
I found all these goodies on BEACON'S CLOSET website. They sell vintage and modern pieces that I can testify and say is super cheap or affordable for the common fashion consumer on a serious budget.
And if your a thrift shopper like I this site is NOT a let down like most thrift stores you may enter and find the most raggedy, unkempt, Stinky stank in the bottom of the barrel tossed out clothing. So happy I can browse all day but I have to go and pic up my crazy sister.
So go check it out at Beacon's
let me know if you like!
And have a blessed and Happy Easter Sunday BB's!!

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