Monday, April 16, 2012



Back at it once again to show you guys my current hair do I did myself :-) !!!
It took me a lil time to get adjusted to it since it is much brighter then what I am accustomed too. To be honest its really half and half when it comes to my hair color choices. Some of my friends prefer me in dark colors like medium to dark brown. And sum LOVE me with the honey dust high lights and tones on my complexion. As for me I think it all depends on the day and how I feel.
But who really cares I'm constantly changing my hair so no color feels neglected lol.
On another good note I can actually testify and say its officially spring in NYC yaayyyy!! I couldn't be happier. I get to wear my delicious shoes I've been collecting harboring through out this year. Like these lace snake skin platform heels I purchased last month. Insanely comfortable and looks super sick with a pair of skinny jeans. Also paired it with the so called "it" color of this season MINT. I think this color is beautiful on darker skin tones.The shape of the blouse drew me in more then the color. Might invest in more loose candy colored blouses for this spring and summer....hmmm fashion day dreams.
Hope everyone had a great weekend , and hope you guys have an excellent week ahead.
Till next time my blog bunnies...xoxo


Ashleigh Nicole said...

Love this color blouse, I am obsessed with chiffon blouses!

xo Ashleigh

4-LEXI said...

Loving that sheer blouse the color looks great on your skin tone.


@ ashleigh I love this color too, I am becoming obessed right along with you lol

@Bobbie thank u so much I love this color!