Saturday, February 20, 2010


Back again with a few up dates. Well the dress you see here is the dress I been telling you guys about for a few weeks. My Big sister ( you know tattooed Billie Mars) Birthday just past and me and my mommy ( yes I still call her mommy dammit!) decided to make a dress for her. My mommy left it all to me to design it. So I decided to go with my sister sense of style. She doesn't like fitted dressed because of her stomach insecurities (whatever). And she wanted to be have a dress to show off all her crazy tattoos covering her back and arms. She also wanted some "puffiness" at the bottom of the dress. So me and my mom went to work looking for the right fabrics that fits my sisters taste but keeping it stylish and fun to wear.I finally came up with this design and my mom pretty much made it in one day ( yeh I need to step my game up like my mom lol).
I can not wait to show you Blog Bunnies how SICK this dress looks on her. This skinny heffa ( my mannequin lol) Does not do it justice! Don't get me wrong its looks pretty dope on the mannequin but this dress was fitted for a thick figured women. When my sister fixes her computer she'll email me the pics I took of her. Till then I hope you guys like one of my many non-stop projects. I haven't taken any pics of myself lately but I don't want to bore you guys with constant post of me wearing my ( what I think is pretty regular) outfits.
Any who I have a meeting to head to right now...catch you blog heads lata


Anonymous said...

I cant wait to see it either!
How many tattoos does she have??!

<3 G

S-hair said...

lookin fwd to seeing it too! I abs love the skirt material, so beautiful!!!