Sunday, February 28, 2010


HELLO BLOG BUNNIES! Back again with another half of my crazy continuous projects. This here is the most recent item I have made which is a statement necklace made from several real zippers.
I took these photos the same day I took my cropped jacket photo but didn't want to wear both items together.This necklace is considered to be a statement piece so I personally wouldn't wear them together ( outside) so I gave them separate frames so they can shine on there own.

I'm sooo digging the graphics I did this time! Another check on the board for China!

And this shirt you see here was a shirt my sister gave me a while back but I didn't like the sea captain sleeves it had. So I just cut each sleeve in half and let the arm piece drape the front. The strings where already attached to the sleeves so i just tied them together in the front and back. Which is dope because the shirt stays in place its super MESH!

Luckily with the lighting you cannot see my crazy leopard bra lol!

This is my very small collection of my favorite magazine in the entire world!
aaannnd my best friend besides my lappy is my I-live Ipod radio
I love my music.
Setting up for these pics the other day had me searching my jewelry collection for any type of silver jewelry to match the tone of my new jacket.The ones you see up here are all mostly gifts I've collected over the years. Except my Juicy Couture Icy Teddy( what I call him). As you can see I don't own too much silver but I managed to make something work.
I think I did pretty well with what I choose in the end.

I just uploaded all these albums onto my Ipod. Which I've been trying to do for some time now. But I was happy to hear Blind Mary by Gnarls Barkley followed by It's Alright by my favorite rapper Jay-z..My Ipod mix is insane btw lol. Very similar to my selection of music I put up here.
I'm looking forward to uploading some new Lupe and old school Kurt Cobain. Well that is all for now. I do have some new purchases to show you guys but that's another post. I don't like to over load my post with photos unless its about fashion shows ( or items I made lol). And Yes I have sooo much to share and rant about so stay tuned for that as well. Weekend is coming to an end,we shall meet again..Till then hope er' body has a great up coming week lol !