Sunday, February 14, 2010



A few years back my favorite magazine W had a special article on one of my favorite black models Naomi Campbell. Before i read this article I will admit to not liking her nasty super Diva image. But when I read the entire article I erased everything I have heard about her character. She went through alot and I truly respect her as a women and as one of the most successful black models in the industry.

Just recently she had a Fashion benefit for Haiti. She gathered some of her close celeb and model friends to help her with her catwalk show. It touched my heart knowing that some people are still hard at work trying to help Haiti. I may not know too much about this country.Yet My parents do have a few family members still living there but they are staying in a part of Haiti where the quake did not hit. Yet they are devastated that something so unexpected could happen. What I loved about Naomi's show was this fundraiser was for the public. And all garments that was on the catwalk will be sold on March 15 2010.And all proceeds will be sent to the reconstruction of Haiti. The emotional part was seeing teary eyed Naomi and fellow model friends walk to the end of the catwalk with Alexander McQueen's recent pieces. A personal tribute to her close friend that she was not ready to address after the show. The reason why I haven't addressed McQueen's death is because I am not ready to speak on how devastated I still am.

May he rest in peace

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