Thursday, February 25, 2010


But every time I see a photo of this women I tend to get a lil upset. Why you ask lovely Blog bunnies? Well to be honest it takes ALOT for a women to impress me with their style. Don't get me wrong I may like alot of chicks personal take on fashion but to impress ME is going to take more then your own stylist and great photo shop.
Today's fly bitch is Leigh lezark. I have yet to find a photo where she looks like crap in it. And I just literally looked in over 90 photos of this chick. I hope to achieve this effortless elegance one day. As I am still going through the motions of where I want to take my sense of personal style. I live in a city where being bubbly and all made up will have people looking at you side ways. Especially in the winter where ain't shit to get cute about unless your on a date with your man. But I do want to explore a much more feminine side of my style with out trying to over do it. Mrs. Lezark is insanely Fresh as I would say. And you know she's on point when the main color she wears is black but still manages to look exceptional EVERY SINGLE FUCKING TIME! I also love the fact that she spotted sporting the same hair do for some time. Kinda of like me and my ponytail obsession. But I believe she owns this look as lady gaga owns hers ( despite what many losers think lol).
So from here on I'm getting back to my FLY BITCHES post I used to do. Tell me who do you think should definitely get the FLY BITCH title? And yes it can be male or female, thank you..
okkkk gotta finish up this shoot I'm dumb tired and agitated but maintaining
Have a an excellent up coming weekend Blog Babies MUAH****


Amandita said...

oops I forgot to say, thanks for following great blog =)

DON said...

? ? ?
youre style is better!
this girls snobby and boring!!!


your very welcome AMANDITA YOUR BLOG IS GREAT!
LOL @ Don , Thank you for the compliment babe! I just personally think she very stylish but hey thats just me. Your opinions is always welcome here..